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PEAN carries out research projects to show it is possible to generate useful insights into a complex issue by analysing data from more than one government portfolio. Each project runs for up to 12 months and uses Australian Government open data and data integrated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The data is de-identified to protect privacy. The projects help to build our capabilities and those of our partner agencies.

Use the links below to explore our projects.

This project used linked data to identify how socio-demographic, health, and environmental characteristics influence heatwave-related deaths and illness in Australia.
Man holding girl heading towards sea
This project established a new national database and demonstrated its potential to link farm outcomes with climate conditions.
Close up of the dried mud area of the Mutton Hole wetland area in Normanton just prior to the wet season
This project tested the use of government data to identify development opportunities and issues in the Darwin rural area
Darwin floodplains, NT (N Dwyer)
This project tested the use of government data to understand the effects of water management on communities in the Murray-Darling Basin
Irrigated maize, VIC (DoEE)
This project attempted to use government data to inform efforts to support disaster recovery
Thomson Rover flood, QLD (DoEE)
This project developed methods to link National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting data to BLADE to enable longitudinal (time-based) studies of energy use by manufacturing sectors.
Solar panels at the camping grounds in the Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary
This project attempted to use government data to understand how changing gas prices affect businesses
Dalby gas-fired power station
Information about key data sets used in the projects
Index of references cited in the projects